Built: 1980 Sweden, Upgraded 1995/1996
Class :RINA 100 - A - 1.1 - NAV.IL,Ptn
Length overall:99.2 m
Width overall:25.8 m
Depth moulded to bargedeck :6.1 m
Height from keel to top 5th deck:19.8 m
Minimum draft :2.3 m
Maximum draft :4.8 m
Fresh water storage : 304 m3
Fresh water production :Watermaker upto 65 tons/day
Fuel oil storage :304 m3
Sewage Sludge Tank:876 m3
Helideck:19 x 19m
ACCOMMODATION Quarters includes all facilities for accommodating 525 persons.
Separate toilets and showers provided on each deck.
Also included are recreation rooms and laundry.
Full equipped galley and messrooms.
POWER SUPPLY Five water cooled diesel generators, each developing 220kW, total output about 1100kW.
One emergency generator with automatic start for main supply, emergency lighting, etc.
AIR CONDITIONING Fully airconditioned with two units, each having a capacity of approx. 150 tons.
SEWAGE SYSTEM Gravity and vacuum sewage system. The sewage can be pumped into tanks onboard or ashore/overboard. 2 x Sewage treatment plant.
MOORING & TOWING EQUIPMENT 8 point mooring system
8 x 24000 lbs anchors with 1375 m 38 mm dia wires
Two 18 ton capstans, fore and one aft.
Towing arrangement 225 tons pull.
WORKSHOP Workshop for vessel's own needs
GANGWAY Two standard gangways 10 x 4 m for shore connection fore and aft.
Two emergency gangways 7 x 0.7 m for shore connection fore and aft.
SYSTEMS FOR SHORE CONNECTION Fresh water, sewage, electric power, alarm, fax
CRANE 150 tons capacity Manitowoc 4000W.


Rooms Total per Level
4th level 28 56
3rd level 74 148
2nd level 55 110
1stlevel 48 96

Capacity 205 410
Total:    410 persons in 205 double rooms
all fitted with private facilities (can be increased up to 525 persons)

Main Deck messroom 280 m2
2nd deck 1 messroom
1 recreation room
3rd deck Gymnasium 32 m2
Main Deck 2 Freezers each 21 m2
1 Freezer
3 Freezers each 30 m2
42 m3
Helibar with seating for 100 persons
including bar and grill
350 m2
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